Alternate uploading panel

Please follow these simple rules to upload!:

Please try to use versioned names for IPA or DMG packages, e.g. appname-version.ipa

If you are uploading someone else's crack please preserve original cracker credit in IPA file name and fill "cracker name" field with original cracker. Faking cracker credentials can get you banned.

CSV file with dot-comma separators (MAX 8MB)

Values separator

(default is comma)

Note: use US iTunes/Mac App Store if available
Your nickname is ""

Please provide comma-separated CSV file without table headers in following format:

%iTunes/MAS URL%,%version(if not latest, formatted as on iTunes/MAS, optional)%,%cracker%,%link 1%,%link 2%,... %link n%

To save file from excel select "save as" and "windows dot-comma-separated list (.csv)"
After uploading you should see blank page with uploading progress

Please provide the following:

CSV comma-separated file in requested format
Show banned file hostings

Alternative method:

Go to regular upload page

View uploads status/history

Your apps will be moderated after uploading
Moderation takes up to 24h, please be patient!

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